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Stevedoring technically means "from the first point in the ship’s or ship’s hold to the first point on the quay or vise versa"
It is therefore the process of loading or discharging/ offloading of a ship or cargo to/from a ship.

Our Stevedoring team is backed by expert knowledge, experience and competence in handling all kind of Dry Bulk, Break-Bulk, Projects and Heavy-Lift Cargo. We work closely with our clients and provide bespoke services as demanded by Vessel Operators, Vessel / Cargo Owners, Charterers, Specialist Forwarders and Project Managers alike. Our in-house logistics capabilities ensure seamless, cost effective and prompt movement of cargoes, irrespective of its nature, shape, size, weight and location of the cargo.


  • Unloading of Dry Bulk Cargo using Ship Gears or Shore Unloaders
  • Shifting of Cargo to Storage Area at Port / Warehouse
  • Water Sprinkling facilities for Coal/Coke
  • Bagging Services for delivery by Rake or Road.


  • Unloading of General Break-Bulk, Heavy-Lift, ODC Cargo using Ship Gears or Shore Cranes.
  • Fleets of Cranes and Forklifts for Receiving and Handling Cargo at Wharf side.
  • Fleet of Trailers for Shifting of Cargo from Wharf to allotted Storage Area / Client’s Storage Site.
  • Fleet of Heavy Lift Equipments for Tandem operations.
  • Facilities for onboard Lashing / Securing and Dismantling of Cargo.
  • Dispatch of Cargo from Port by Rail / Road.
  • Storage Area for Imported / Export Cargo inside Port.
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